Mapleton CBD Blend Milled Flower – By: Growtown

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Dominance: CBD

Packaged on November 11th

This smooth and smokeable CBD hemp flower is made from a blend of strains, including UMPQUA and Painted Lady. This unique combination results in a flavour profile with notes of dill and a sweeter finish. This product was designed in partnership with Solin Naturals for our Mapleton Hemp Cigarettes.

This flower is grown by specialty outdoor cultivaters in Surrey, BC. Like all our pre-rolls and milled flower products, our Mapleton CBD blend contains 100% flower with no trim. Our small team carefully mills and sifts the flower to remove the stems. It is a convenient format for those looking for a ready-to-use cannabis product without the hassle of grinders or the annoyance of stems poking through your rolling papers.


Format : 28G

29.99 $ CAD

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THC: <1%

CBD: 13%