What is a cannabis medical document?

A medical document similar to a prescription, but it’s not one.

It’s a form completed by a physician/nurse practitioner which authorizes a patient’s use of medical cannabis.

Mendo offers this service free of charge.

Mendo’s online medical clinic will provide you with a virtual appointment with trained nurses and doctors

please call us at 1-833-MYMENDO (696-3636)


How to quickly and easily obtain your medical cannabis document.

1. Contact our personal care team

1-833-MYMENDO (696-3636)


We will get started by asking you a few simple questions in order to complete our new patient forms.  You will receive detailed information of our process from your personal care team member during the call who will also answer any questions you may have.  By the end of the call you will have an instant response and will also have scheduled your virtual meeting with one of our nurse practitioners to finalize the process.

2. Speak with one of our highly trained Health Canada approved nurse practitioners.

Your nurse practitioner will support you through the process of obtaining you medical cannabis document.  Together you will go over the new patient form that we provided them and they will review our recommendations in order to provide you with the appropriate grams per day that you discussed with our personal care team.  Our nurses can also provide education on selecting products, dosing and different methods of consumption.

3. Receive your medical document and begin ordering medical cannabis direct to your door.

Usually with 48hrs or less you will be notified that your medical document has been accepted and registered with Mendo as well as Health Canada. You will instantly receive access to place orders in our medical shop and have the products of your choice shipped express to your door.



Get to know medical cannabis

Why do I need a medical document?

Weed is legal now, so why use medical cannabis?

Recreational cannabis is legal throughout Canada, but doctors continue to prescribe it for many conditions. Now that Canadians can access cannabis, people wonder if medical cannabis and the process of obtaining a medical document is even necessary. When it comes to treating specific health concerns and accessing certain products, there are several reasons for using medical cannabis.


Mendo medical cannabis patients have access to many products not sold at the SQDC such as: Edibles, Vape Pens, Topicals and Extracts with more than 30% THC content.  These are sought after products that allow the user to accurately dose their intake and the ability to consume medical cannabis with different delivery systems.


Not only does Mendo offer the most competitive prices in the medical cannabis industry but because medical cannabis is a medicine, users can receive coverage through their insurance. Canadian veterans prescribed cannabis are eligible for reimbursement of $8.50 a gram, up to three grams a day through Veterans Affairs. It’s not just the armed forces who have this access but major insurers such as Sun Life have given plan sponsors the option of adding it to their employee coverage plans.

According to the Canadian Revenue Agency, if you have a prescription for cannabis (i.e. a medical document) you can claim the amounts for cannabis, cannabis oil, plant seeds, or related products purchased for medical purposes up to $2,352 per year.

Possession Limits

The first difference between recreational and medical laws has to do with how much cannabis can be possessed in public places. Recreational weed users are only able to publicly possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis at a time.

Medical cannabis patients can possess much more than 30 grams. They’re allowed to carry up to 150 grams or a 30-day supply based on their medical document (whichever is less of the two).

In the past, medical cannabis patients were limited on the amount of cannabis they could store at home. Recently these storage limits have been eliminated.  Changes to Health Canada regulations have removed personal storage limits for medical cannabis users. This means patients can store as much medical cannabis at home as they choose.

What are the costs of receiving my medical document?

Mendo provides the service of receiving your first medical document at no charge, it is a 100% free service for new patients.