Distilled CBD 100 Oil – Par: Glacial Gold

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Dominance: CBD

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Glacial Gold CBD distillate (100 mg/g) blended with organic MCT oil. Each drop contains appx. 3 mg CBD (2850 mg CBD per bottle). Glacial Gold distillate is processed through a patented closed-loop chilled alcohol extraction process including multi-stage refinement, purification, and distillation. Distilled Oils are made from high purity molecules with versatile applications and are a distinct alternative to full-spectrum extracts.

• 28.5 g / 30 ml glass bottle with dose-controlled dropper

• Each drop contains approximately 3 mg CBD


• 100 mg/g CBD (2850 mg total/bottle)

Format : 30ml - 2850mg CBD Total

Medical allotment deduction: 0.5g

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THC: <5mg/ml

CBD: 100mg/ml