Wedding Cake #11 Vape Cart- Par: SugarBud

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Dominance: Hybride Indica


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Sugarbud is passionate about great cannabis and fully committed to our customers satisfaction. Everything we do is about getting the best out of our plants. We pay close attention to details and pride ourselves on delivering a top-quality product experience each and every time.

Starting with exceptional genetics, the best nutrients and the most beneficial environmental conditions possible, our collection of unique strains is methodically curated to the highest standards throughout the entire growing cycle to maximize bud expression and the full potential of each cultivar.

Hand cultivated and carefully hang dried for 14 days, they then cure their flower through their signature cold cure process for another 21 – 28 days. Sugarbud’s signature curing process allows our dried flower to reach its full potential – preserving and enhancing flavour-rich terpenes and potency in every bud.

No detail has been overlooked to maintain the purity and quality of their flower. Sugarbud stores their products in reusable and recyclable glass jars designed to optimize preservation. The black colour is crucial to keeping sunlight out and the glass itself keeps your cannabis fresh and the moisture content at a consistent level. The compact shape and smooth delicate lines help protect and reduce any unwanted breakup of our dry flower buds.

Sugarbud Full Spectrum Oil (FSO) Vape Cartridges contain only one ingredient: 100% pure cannabis extract, offering consumers a true cannabis experience. No additives, no secondary flavoring agents and no carrier oils. Just the natural terpenes, flavors, aromas and high-quality you have come to expect from our exceptional dried flower.

Sugarbud WC #11 is a full spectrum oil cartridge made using CO2 extraction of Sugarbud’s exclusive indica dominant hybrid strain – Wedding Cake #11. The high terpene content comes from the careful subcritical CO2 extraction of their dried craft cannabis and the cannabinoids are then extracted using a supercritical CO2 extraction method.

The result is high-quality terpene forward extract that offers consumers a flavor and aroma profile consistent with that our dried flower such as the distinct hints of smoky spice, citrus and pine.
Each 0.5g vape cartridge is fitted with a ceramic mouthpiece, features a glass tank, ceramic heating coil, and is compatible with a standard 510 thread cartridge battery.


Format : 0.5g

Déduction pour allocation médicale : 2G

35.99 $ CAD

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THC: 69.23%

CBD: <1%