Cherry 47 – Par: Tommy’s Craft Cannabis

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Dominance: Hybride Indica

Get legendary with Tommy’s Cherry ‘47. This colourful and potent hybrid was expertly grown, dried, and cured with old-school techniques and 50 years of love for the plant. A cross between Cherry AK47 and Purple Punch, it’s packed with caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, and myrcene, delivering big on cherry, red wine, skunk, and sour berries.

Machine-trimmed weed is a bummer, man. At Tommy’s Craft Cannabis, we take our time. Always hung dry, hand-trimmed, and hand placed inside a biodegradable, senior-friendly, and reusable container. Look out for big buds – we save the small nugs for our full flower pre-rolls.

You know a few strains like it, but when this cherry pops, it’ll feel like the first time! Let’s make some weird art, man; I’m feeling kinda tingly.

Grow: Candre Cannabis (Sundre, AB)
Genetics: Mother Labs

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THC: 19.45%

CBD: <1%