Water Soluble THC Infuser – By: Viola

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Dominance: THC

This Beverage Infuser (water-soluble) contains 500 mg THC: 20 mg CBD, as a water-soluble concentrate that mixes instantly throughout your favourite beverage and has rapid onset. This unflavoured product is prepared with high quality ingredients and is suitable for water, teas, juices and other beverages. There are 50 drops per mL – i.e. each drop is equivalent to 0.5mg of THC. To dilute and mix in a minimum volume 7-10 oz.

Directions for Use:
Use the metered dropper by lightly squeezing the body of the bottle to dispense the required amount of drops out. Be sure to note that each drop is equivalent to 0.5mg of THC. Once the beverage is infused, it is recommended to stir your drink for best results

Medical allotment deduction: 0.29G

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THC: 520mg

CBD: 20mg