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Upryze – Apple Fritter – By: Mendo Select

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid


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UpRyze Cannabis is a Micro Cultivation and Micro Processing Licence Holder in its purpose-built, specialty indoor facility in Acheson, Alberta. UpRyze Cannabis is truly craft – small batch grown, hang dried, hand trimmed and expertly cured. UpRyze produces exceptional, high quality cannabis, to bring a unique experience highly valued by consumers.

2.8% Terpenes

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Apple Fritter is a hybrid strain that was created by crossing Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. The buds are slightly above average with just a light dusting of trichomes and fiery orange pistils. Apple Fritter has intense pastry flavors that follow up with a hint of apple cheesy goodness. It has an incredibly euphoric effect that follows up with a huge burst of creativity, followed by sedation that only intensifies to eventually deep sleep.




Format : 14G

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THC: 19.41%

CBD: <1%