Tire Fire OG Live Rosin « Crème Brûlée » – By: Sauce

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 6.90%

High-Octane OG x Do-Si-Dos – 73µ-159µ

Brought to you by Sauce Rosin Labs, Tire Fire OG Live Rosin Crème Brûlée. Archive Seeds has done it again with this incredible cross of High-Octane OG and Dosidos. TFOG leaves any gas-loving head satisfied while also adding a subtle, yet pleasant, minty sweetness to the palate. At Sauce Rosin Labs we only use premium fresh frozen cannabis flower and maintain strictly solventless techniques that allow us to express the beauty of oils grown by the farmer. Live Rosin Crème Brûlée is a potent representation of all the efforts of the breeder, grower, and hash-makers that go into a product. Sauce Rosin Labs is all about channeling these efforts into a premium solvent-less extract that can be enjoyed by anyone. This product can be vaporized in a dab format for ultimate enjoyment. Please store in fridge to preserve freshness.

Format : 1g

Medical allotment deduction: 4G

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THC: 76.40%

CBD: <1%