Terple – Live Resin Vape Cart – By: Tribal

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Dominance: Hybrid

Total Terpenes: 6.1%

Terple is a hybrid strain of cannabis known for its sweet burst of orange flavour with undertones of gas and wood. Expect crystal coated dense buds, deep purple sugar leaves, and bright amber pistils with elevated THC levels and rich terpene profile. Terple is a hybrid strain of cannabis (bred by In-House Genetics and crossed with the legendary Tropicana Cookies and Slurricane #7). This hybrid results in large calyxes and heavy trichomed dense bud structure. Expect a smooth, orange yet gassy smoke with a heavy hit. Expect a true hybrid experience perfect for any occasion to relax and uplift, with a heavy hit that can still leave you to go about your day. Terple’s aroma is complex with elements of sweet oranges, sour citrus, and spicy diesel. With its high terpene percentages, you can expect a matching flavour intensity with notes of orange juice, earthy sandalwood and breathes of gas.

Format : 1g

Medical allotment deduction: 4g

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THC: 76.06%

CBD: <1%