Super Sativa Oil (Sativa Blend) – By: EarthWolf Farms

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Dominance: Sativa

Earthwolf Farm’s cannabis oils capture the “live” essence of the cannabis plant by infusing fresh bubble hash directly into organic carrier oils and decarboxylating using our unique TERP reactor technology.

The result is an edible oil with a flavour and effect true to the flower it came from. Made with cold pressed organic coconut oil and organic extra virgin olive oil, our Super Sativa oil is a blend to help uplift and energize.

Visual appeal:

Golden like olive oil & packaging includes minor cannabinoids and terpene info

Flavor Profile:

Light on palate and well rounded flavor, true & full spectrum representation of the cannabis plant in edible form

Cannabinoid and terpene profile:

2-5 mg/ml total terpenes



What are patients saying about this product:

Great for daytime use to stay productive anxiety free!

Format : 30ml

Medical allotment deduction: 0.39G

49.99 $ CAD


THC: 24.3mg/g

CBD: <1%