Sugar Hash – Black Cherry Punch – By: Revida

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This product is made using only a single cannabis cultivar called Black Cherry Punch. Our method utilizes a cold-water extraction process with no additional solvents, yielding a clean and pure product. After minimal manipulation and using temperature and time-controlled curing process, the final product resembles golden granulated sugar crystals. This ‘MTL Granulated Sugar’ is a versatile product that can be used by itself or blended with your favorite flower. It has a high terpene content and gives a robust unique aromatic flavor that is sweet and fruity with floral undertones. Its effects are stimulating, energetic and gives a happy sensation. The dominant terpenes in this product include Limonene, Linaool, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene.

Key Characteristics: Energizing, Stimulating, Euphoric, Happy.

Benefits: Anti-stress, anti-depressant

Format : 1g

Medical allotment deduction: 4G

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THC: 71.15%

CBD: <1%