Strawberry Ice Live Resin+Distillate Disposable Vape Pen – By: Royal Cannabis Supply Co.

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Dominance: THC

Total Terpenes : 5.90%

Minor Cannabinoïds: 
CBG: 2.28%
CBN: 1.15%

Introducing Royal Cannabis sustainable, breath-activated live resin+distillate disposable vapes. Our first all-in-one vape with a rechargeable CCELL battery at great value. Strawberry Ice is a premium cannabis extract with naturally derived botanical terpenes. It has a sugary sweet strawberry flavor with minty punch on each exhale. The aroma is sweet, earthy, and fruity with a hint of herbs and spices. The high is uplifting with primarily cerebral effects that are perfect for a wake-and-bake or when you need a quick boost of energy to get going. You’ll feel an onset of euphoria a few minutes after your first hit and senses of focus and motivation will kick in.

Format : 1g

Medical allotment deduction: 4G

49.99 $ CAD

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THC: 74.47%

CBD: <1%