Sourdough – Traditional Hash – By: North 40

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 3.81%

After something a bit different? Look no further than North 40 Sourdough! Bred from the highly popular Gelato lineage (with a touch of Cookie and a bit of Chemdawg), Sourdough boasts an impressive pedigree.

High levels of cannabinoids help give Sourdough a euphoric and long-lasting effect. Dense, round, hand-trimmed buds come crusted with sweet and sticky resin heads. Our commitment to a proper and well-timed cure adds levels of depth to the flavor and aroma of this strain.

Does it taste like a loaf of bread you ask? Well…. not exactly. As the name suggests, there is a slight hint of warm doughy sourness tucked perfectly into soaring notes of lemon and pine. Finish this already stacked profile off with the infamous sweet-yet-gassy Gelato flavour and you’ve got a real winner.

Format : 2G

Medical allotment deduction: 8G

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THC: 49.20%

CBD: <1%