Sour Animal Cold Cure Live Rosin – By: Brindle Farms

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Dominance: Sativa Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 10.30%

“Brindle Farms’ Sour Animal Live Rosin is the epitome of connoisseur grade hashish, conceived in a small scale craft cultivation facility, and hand processed by the individuals who grew it. Bred by J.Beezy from Seed Junky Genetics, Sour Animal is a cross between Sour Diesel and Animal Cookies BX2, with the latter being the male. The chosen phenotype is Diesel dominant, providing a cerebral, sativa influenced high, onset by a heavy-hitting initial rush due to an indica based influence from the Animal Cookies. Sour Animal is a long flowering strain, requiring up to 12 weeks to fully mature.

The resin from Sour Animal was selected for its performance when subject to Ice Water extraction, consistently yielding high quantities of full melt bubble hash with top-tier levels of terpenes and potency.
This batch of Brindle Farms’ Sour Animal Live Rosin was prepared through isolating the first wash of 73u-159u bubble hash and pressing it at 165 degrees for 3 minutes in a 37 micron filter. The hash is then cured and prepared for instantaneous sale. Live Rosin of this caliber offers the cleanest, most flavourful, potent and pure experience of a given genetic profile, and the Sour Animal Live Rosin will leave you wanting to try more from Brindle Farms.

When purchasing Brindle Farms’ Sour Animal Live Rosin, you can expect to receive hashish of near white colour embellished by gold hues, with a gelatinous consistency, maintaining a ‘wet’ feel due to high terpene content.”

Format : 1g

Medical allotment deduction: 4G

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THC: 74.87%

CBD: <1%