Royal Kush – By: Stewart Farms

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 3.16%

Packaged on September 22, 2023

Stewart Farms’ Royal Kush is the premiere selection of Mack Anderson, better known as Mandelbrot or Ras Truth, who is renowned for bringing diesel fuel genetics to Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. This genetic is arguably the culmination of Mandelbrot’s breeding work which he described as “an Indica-dominant hybrid of an old school southern Humboldt Purple Kush, the real Sour Diesel, and a pre-Soviet Highland Afghani.” Royal Kush has an earthy flavour, overtones of diesel fuel and gasoline, skunk spray, rose water and fermented grapes. It offers a sedative, deeply meditative, cerebral high. While Royal Kush earned its early reputation through its unique terpene profile and unrivalled potency, it has remained popular with cannabis growers and breeders around the world for its pest and disease resistance and its tendency to breed true, passing on its unique vigour and fuel forward terpenes to anything it touches. As such, Royal Kush has long been and will continue to be the centrepiece of our breeding program. Today Emerald Mountain Legacy continues the work of Mandelbrot. Thus, Royal Kush has long been and will continue to be the centrepiece of Emerald Mountains breeding programs.

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THC: 22.1%

CBD: <1%