Purple Punch Live Rosin Vape Cart – By: POLAR

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 11.996%

Live rosin Purple Punch has the sweetness of a desert variety and the perfume of the fresh flowers.

This product has a potency of 67% THC and offers minor cannabinoids too: 7.78% CBG, 1.01% CBC and 0.64% THCV. A natural terpene content of 12%. The dominant terpenes are farnesene (3.76%), limonene (2.79%) and caryophyllene (1.82%). You will find notes of grapes, sweetened. No added flavors, only the experience of a full spectrum of live rosin in a vape. All products are hand processed with love and care.

Polar was born from the desire to offer the best cannabis experience to the consumer. Located in the heart of the Beauce region of Quebec, we operate under a micro-processor license. Like the art of folding paper of the same name, our solvent-free processes require meticulousness, finesse and delicacy.

Format : 0.5/g

Medical allotment deduction: 2G

44.95 $ CAD

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THC: 67.26%

CBD: <1% - CBG 7.79%