Punch Mints – By: Partake Cannabis

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 2.57%

Packaged on June 11th 2024

“Punch Mints is an In-House Genetics bred strain produced from crossing Platinum Punch Remix with Platinum Kush Mints.This strain delivers a flavour profile of grape candy with a hint of mint followed by sweet vanilla. The nose is sweet fruit with undertones of earth and pine. The platinum lineage produces large dense shimmering buds. We adhere to the standards of professional craft cannabis with the care of homestyle growing. Our genetics are sourced with an emphasis on potency & unique terpene profiles then pheno-hunted to reveal the best traits of that cultivar. Each plant is cared for individually, including hand watering, to ensure individual attention for optimal flower growth. Harvested at their peak, plants are hang-dried in a cool environment to preserve the delicate trichomes to ensure top quality goes into every package. After being cured to maximize taste & remove harshness, each cola is trimmed by hand to give a manicured bud that looks as good as it burns. After passing testing, each product is hand processed & hand packaged with care to preserve quality. Partake Cannabis is committed to craft from start to finish. Real. Craft. Flower”

Format : 7G

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THC: 28.07%

CBD: <1%