Peak Pro Chambre 3D – Par: Puffco

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The Peak Pro chamber is the engine for the entire device. A unique sensor embedded inside of the chamber communicates with your Peak Pro, keeping your temperature exactly where it needs to be – regardless of how hard you inhale or how much oil you put in. The end result is the most consistent and controlled dab experience ever. 

*Please Note: Never attempt to disassemble the chamber, this will break it. 

Peak Pro Chamber Features: 

  • Designed for Optimal Heat Performance 
  • Made without the use of any Coils, Glues, Plastics, or Fibres Ceramic Bowl 
  • Unique Sensor Embedded Inside  
  • Firmware Updates Required to Use The 3D Chamber (download through app) 
  • Compatible with Peak Pro Only 

How to Clean: 

  • To clean simply unscrew, and drop the entire chamber into the 99% ISO Alcohol. 

What’s in the Box: 

  • 1x - Puffco Peak Pro Replacement Chamber 

119.99 $ CAD

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