Panakeia Pure CBG Pre-Rolls – By: Growtown

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Dominance: CBG

“The only strain with just Cannabigerol (CBG) currently available in Canada, this light flower will help sooth your mind and body without the psychoactive components of THC.
Hailing from a unique development program at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain, this strain was specifically developed for its therapeutic properties with a CBG range of 10-16%.
This milled product comes as a lovely lighter green colour, with a light earthy, herbal smell with a gentle undercurrent of mint. These same flavours come out when burned as a subtle flavour, perfect on its own or when combined with your favourite other strains to allow the CBG to counteract the less desirable traits of THC.
This flower comes to us from a specialty grower who does indoor and outdoor cultivation. Our milled and sifted product contains all flower with no trim, ground up by us and then sifted to get the stems out.
It is convenient format for those looking for a ready to use cannabis product without the hassle of grinders or the annoyance of stems poking through your rolling papers.”

Format : 0.5G X 3

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THC: <1%

CBD: <1% + 13% CBG