Nighttime – 450 mg CBN + 450 mg THC Oil – By: Emprise

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Dominance: CBD, THC

Emprise’s Nighttime – 450 mg CBN + 450 mg THC Oil is a 15 mg/g CBN : 15 mg/g THC – 1:1 formulation in oil-soluble format. The product is formulated with Full spectrum Cannabis Extracts and hemp seed carrier oil which supports the Entourage effect. Making this product the first true-to-plant oil on the market – After all if it grows together, it goes together. To be taken sublingually (under the tongue).
Each bottle contains 30 g (Total 450 mg CBN & 450 mg THC). A syringe with 0.3 ml capacity is also included.

One syringe dose delivers 4.28 mg of CBN & 4.28 mg THC.

Flavor Profile:

Hemp Seed Oil.


High Potency CBN:THC Balanced Formulation.

Format : 30g

Medical allotment deduction: 0.43G

49.99 $ CAD


THC: 450mg Total + 450mg CBN Total

CBD: <1%