Mr. Sommelier Selection Indica (Grape Krush) – By: MoodRing

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Dominance: Indica

Total Terpenes : 3.83%

(Alien Cookies x Kush Mints) x Jealousy (Gelato 41 x Sherb bx)

Packaged on October 20th 2023

Grape Krush will have your mouth-watering in anticipation of rolling up and krushing this premium indica flower released by Mood Ring in our MR Sommelier Selection Indica rotating single-strain offering.

The perfectly trimmed, sticky, trichome coated purple buds with hints of dark green immediately piqued the interest of Mood Ring’s Cannabis Sommelier during a stop in a craft garden on his ongoing quest to find our premium flower. The dedicated team of craft growers tends to every detail including state-of-the-art post harvest processing : hanged and slowly dried, hand trimmed and carefully cured in custom curing barrels to pay homage to the precious and dominant grape aromas that are accompanied by subtle skunky and fuelly notes.

Mood Ring Grape Krush flower provides a perfect transition from aroma-to-flavour – a combination of the quality of the grow, the post harvest process and Mood Ring’s premium nitrogen sealed cans. Pronounced red grape aromas dominate upon inhalation — likely beyond anything you have tried before, and upon exhalation fuelly and gassy notes lead, followed by a mild, sweet red grape aftertaste that leaves you wowed!

Mood Ring Grape Krush is a truly representative offspring of Original DJ Short Blueberry – a strain carefully selected for its red grape phenotype expression – crossed with itself! A strong indica flower, with just enough Sativa in its distant lineage to create a perfectly balanced euphoric and enjoyable experience.

As always Mood Ring Sommelier Selection Indica flower burns clean with a pristine, white ash and is hand selected, hand portioned, hand packaged and sealed with nitrogen to preserve our beautiful Grape Krush nugs.

Format : 3.5G

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THC: 29.04%

CBD: <1%