Milk Chocolate With Hazelnuts Bar THC 10 mg – By: Phat420

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This is by and far our most popular bar. Freshly toasted hazelnuts sprinkled on the back of our super awesome milk chocolate is a snack made in Heaven! No cannabis flavour – just creamy chocolatey hazelnut decadence.

The key to a good milk chocolate is the powdered milk and the quality of cocoa beans. Bulk manufacturers use skim milk powder, because it extends the shelf life. Here at Choklat our first concern is quality, so we use whole milk powder. While it’s not calorie friendly it makes a milk chocolate so creamy that even the Swiss would be jealous!

This is one of the benefits of making our own chocolate. WE control every ingredient. Our unique processes create a decadent, rich, creamy milk chocolate experience without the cloying sweetness characteristic of most North American milk, and of course no cannabis flavour at all.

Then we pour that chocolate into a full bar for you to enjoy with your glass of wine or cup of coffee. We believe that your cannabis experience should be great from start to finish. …and it begins with a great chocolate experience infused with 10mg of THC – the most legally allowed. Eat a whole bar or part of a bar. The size of our bar makes it easy for you to control your cannabis experience.

Medical allotment deduction: 2G

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THC: 10mg

CBD: 0mg