Micro Drop 50 CBD- By: Rho Phyto

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Why is there THC in this product?

Sometimes, but not always, high-CBD cannabis medicine can include a small amount of THC, like this RHO Phyto Micro Drop 50 Cannabis Oil. The entourage effect is a theory that suggests cannabis works better as a whole with all its cannabinoids intact, rather than just one chemical compound in isolation. In other words, CBD works better when THC is present, in addition to other chemical compounds such as terpenes and even flavonoids. Interestingly, CBD can also block THC at the receptor site, inhibiting feelings of euphoria or a “high”. For this reason, a small ratio of THC is often well tolerated by patients without uncomfortable side effects.

Does CBD have side-effects?

Although considered non-intoxicating, CBD does affect the body and brain. Side effects noted with high-CBD cannabis can include nausea, fatigue, and irritability. It can also interact with some medications, particularly blood thinners and also some antidepressants and pain medications. Always consult with a healthcare provider before starting any cannabis medicine, including Micro Drop 50 CBD Oil.

What is the right Micro Drop 50 CBD Oil dosage?

The right amount of CBD for any given patient is for a healthcare practitioner to determine because factors such as the patient’s age, gender, health history, and current medications all must be considered. It’s also worth noting that all cannabis medicine has a biphasic or bidirectional effect, which means a high dose isn’t necessarily better at easing symptoms than a low dose. In fact, a higher dose of medical cannabis may even have the opposite effect of a lower dose. If you have a health concern you think could be managed with CBD, your best route for success is to make an appointment with a cannabis-trained healthcare provider.

The product image and label are provided for illustrative purposes only. The potency and concentration of this product may vary by batch.

About RHO Phyto / Avicanna:

As a result of years of research and development, these advanced formulations are designed to provide higher and faster cannabinoid absorption compared to basic MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil products. RHO Phyto’s unique combination of ingredients help maintain the stability of the cannabinoids to ensure more consistent dosing over the course of treatment. Developed with the patient in mind, these products allow for discreet self-administration. Similar to other prescription medications, dosing cannabis should be done with the careful supervision of your primary healthcare provider.

Micro Drop 50 CBD Oil – is a high CBD and THC-free oil drop that is formulated with 50 mg/mL of purified cannabidiol (CBD) for a total of 1500 mg of CBD per 30 mL bottle. RHO Phyto Micro Drops are blood orange flavoured and utilize Avicanna’s inverted emulsion technology to provide enhanced absorption and shelf-life stability.  The product is administered with metered dosing using an oral syringe that allows for accurate and easy titration. Each bottle is equivalent to 6 gram deduction from your medical allotment.

 Directions for Use:

Shake the bottle well before using. Press down firmly on cap and turn counterclockwise. Press syringe into bottle adapter at the top of the bottle. Once secure, turn the bottle upside down and gently pull plunger to dispense desired amount of oil. When you have dispensed the correct dose, flip the bottle right side up and remove the syringe from the top of the bottle. Release the measured amount under your tongue. Hold the oil under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. 


Sunflower seed oil, Lecithin, Cannabis extract, Blood orange flavour (Medium chain triglycerides, Natural orange flavour), Propylene glycol, Transcutol® HP

Format : 30ml

Medical allotment deduction: 0.41G

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THC: 0mg/mL

CBD: 50mg/mL