Meat Breath Live Rosin – By: Distinkt Cannabis

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Dominance: Indica

This Meat Breath Live Rosin is full-spec and was made using premium indoor flower that is never irradiated or e-beamed. Our Distinkt approach, crafted over a decade of hash making, includes all 45-159um.

This batch boasts 7.23% terpenes, 68.99% THC, a whopping 78.87% total cannabinoids, and a complex smell and taste that begins with a sweet, creamy fruit and orange notes which quickly transforms into a sharp pine with hints of gas that feels a little like menthol after a long inhale.

The complexity of the smell translates beautifully in a dab, when added to a bowl or joint. This batch’s consistency is light and fluffy, breaks apart like butter, and settles back into a paste. A slightly lower terpene content makes for easier handling than our saucy Live Hash Rosin Jams, but it won’t dry out like some Live Hash Rosins due to its unique post-processing. Packaged in Calyx jars to maximize terpene preservation.

Top 10 Terpenes:
Trans-Caryophyllene 2.541%
Farnesene* 1.146%
(R)-(+)-Limonene 0.887%
Alpha-Humulene 0.566%
Linalool 0.448%
Beta-Myrcene 0.296%
Terpineol* 0.285%
alpha-Bisabolol 0.25%
Beta-Pinene 0.245%
Alpha-Pinene 0.189%

Format : 1g

Medical allotment deduction: 4G

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THC: 68.99%

CBD: <1%