Lemon Zkittle Strain Specific Full Spectrum Solventless Soft Chews – By: Porth North

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Dominance: THC

Port North Full Spectrum Solventless Soft Chews are made from a strain specific rosin, using careful mechanical separation techniques. Premium indoor flower grown and dried/cured  to its full potential.  Solventless extraction allows us to capture a true representation of the strain’s genetics and how they were bred & grown.  Port North Solventless Soft Chews offer a balanced experience between flavour, effect, and potency; made for the cannabis connoisseur, with this unique intake method.  Our full spectrum soft chews are 100% solventless, natural and a true expression of the strains’ genetics. It offers the Lemon Z (Lemon Skunk X Zkittlez) genetic chemical profile rather than a man made version.  Our Solventless Soft Chews are made from strain-specific rosin that was harvested during peak flower to capture the full range of naturally occurring cannabinoids and a high amount of cannabis derived terpenes.  As opposed to combining multiple harvests, waste or trim, and labeling it indica, sativa, or hybrid, we offer a strain specific experience, made with high quality, whole plant fresh frozen flowers.  Port North Full Spectrum Solventless Soft Chews offer a unique experience to the strain with a different intake method.  100% solventless concentrate, made without the use of chemicals, or solvents.

Format : 2 units

Medical allotment deduction: 0.6G

5.95 $ CAD

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THC: 10mg

CBD: <1mg