Jet Fuel (TunAAAA Room Cut) Prerolls – By: Next Friday

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Dominance: Indica

Jet Fuel is an Indica dominant strain that produces strong and long-lasting effects — not a great choice for the inexperienced! With parents like Grape Pie and Animal Cookies, this strain was grown with every intention of perfection. It releases a comforting, spicy berry aroma that follows with a heavy “OG” gas smoke flavor.

It has a pungently spicy pine tree and lemon scent. It can treat insomnia, appetite loss and pain. Ideal for evening and before bed usage. This strain’s high is a top-notch knockout one that will leave users with a very lazy and heavy body feel. Good for a rainy day when you’re not going to do anything.

The high amount of caryophyllene helps reduce stress and anxiety, as well as ease pain and inflammation. An excellent strain for those who need to relax, recover, and unplug at the end of a long day.

Format : 0.5G X 3

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THC: 31%

CBD: <1%