Great Garden 1:1 Liquid Soluble Drops – By: Kanterra Science

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Liquid Soluble Drops by Kanterra Science is developed using specially designed
emulsification technology, which results in a nano-cannabinoid formulation with particles
so tiny, they are homogeneously dispersed into water and therefore not visible.

As the body can more readily accept cannabinoids in liquid soluble format, absorption can
be as much as 4.5 times higher than traditional oil-based concentrates or edibles.

Liquid Solubles have exceptionally high bioavailability – this means higher potency and
faster onset of action at a lower dose. An additional benefit of our formulation is that it has
prolonged stability, even after the product is opened.

Liquid Soluble Drops are vegan, gluten-free, sulphite-free and non-GMO. Expect rapid
onset in about 15 minutes and a duration of 1-2 hours. Results can vary from person to
person, so start low and go slow. Drop and enjoy!

• A targeted, concentrated blend of purified cannabis
extract with over 10% minor cannabinoid content

• Developed using specially designed emulsification
technology for advanced cannabinoid absorption—expect
rapid onset in about 15 minutes and a duration of 1-2 hours

• 1 mg of THC per drop, putting you in control of
your experience

Format : 30ml - 225mg CBD / 225mg THC Total

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THC: 0.5MG/Drop

CBD: 0.5MG/Drop