First Class Funk Blunt – By: Ghost Drops

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

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The Ghost Drops cut of First-Class Funk was bred by Compound Genetics, hunted by Cultivating Happiness and grown by several ultra-premium, hand selected, and vetted craft micro-producers. The genetic make-up of this strain contributes to what it’s best known for, its funk.

Buds are typically large in size and bright green in colour featuring dark green undertones, highlighted by brilliant orange pistils and coated with dense diamond like trichomes.

Its heavy nose smacks you in the face as you crack the jar, with a pungent funky, creamy, fragrance compounded by a dense scent of jet fuel, making for an undeniably dank aroma. The funk tastes as funky as it smells with notes of fermented anise and fennel coupled by gassy aftertaste as it rolls of the pallet.

First Class Funk makes for a vibrant session. This well-balanced hybrid delivers an exciting but tamed effect that leaves the consumer with a full-bodied experience.

Format : 1G x 1

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THC: 25.99%

CBD: <1%