Endo – Purple Mountain Majesty TOPS – By: Mendo Select

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

*** MIX AND MATCH ANY TWO $89.95/14G BAGS FOR $170 ***

Total Terpenes : 3.52%

This offering of our famous Purple Mountain Majesty was hand picked only for Mendo members.  It contains only the top colas (largest buds) of the plant, it was hang dried and hand trimmed for an absolute gorgeous bag appeal.   The pictures provided reflect the size and quantities of buds you will receive in your 14g bag.

This is a limited edition product we know you will enjoy

Purple Mountain Majesty was first cultivated by Humboldt Seed Co. (Humboldt County, CA). It is a cross of Train Wreck, known for its potency, and Blueberry Muffin, a uniquely sweet indica-dominant strain. Purple Mountain Majesty is considered the purple phenotype of Train Wreck, making it somewhat of a ‘unicorn’ or rare strain. Purple Mountain Majesty has a uniquely sweet smell and taste. Its effects are evenly balanced with a 1:1 CBD level, helping to provide medical cannabis users a gentle relief for both body and mind. As a balanced hybrid strain, Purple Mountain Majesty can be a wonderful choice for any time of day, whether that’s starting your morning with a coffee or watching your favorite TV show in the evening.

Format : 14G

89.95 $ CAD

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THC: 10.75%

CBD: 9.65%