Endo – Purple Mountain Majesty AAA – By: Mendo Select

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

This lot of Purple Mountain Majesty is different from our 3.5g offering.  It was cultivated, trimmed and dried in a different manner than the smaller 3.5g format.  It still exceeds our quality control measures and you may purchase with confidence. We are happy to offer this product at a fair price for the quality.

Purple Mountain Majesty was first cultivated by Humboldt Seed Co. (Humboldt County, CA). It is a cross of Train Wreck, known for its potency, and Blueberry Muffin, a uniquely sweet indica-dominant strain. Purple Mountain Majesty is considered the purple phenotype of Train Wreck, making it somewhat of a ‘unicorn’ or rare strain. Purple Mountain Majesty has a uniquely sweet smell and taste. Its effects are evenly balanced with a 1:1 CBD level, helping to provide medical cannabis users a gentle relief for both body and mind. As a balanced hybrid strain, Purple Mountain Majesty can be a wonderful choice for any time of day, whether that’s starting your morning with a coffee or watching your favorite TV show in the evening.

Format : 28G

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THC: 10.24%

CBD: 7.81%