Deep Dish 20mm Banger – By: TruQuartz

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Using the best USA sourced raw material, two layers of quality control, and a quality guarantee, TruQuartz is one of the best options for anyone looking to dab concentrates. On top of the dedication to quality, every unit comes with free ruby pearls to add heat retention and surface area. Truly the best banger for your buck. Mendo Members get an exclusive discount.

Perfect for all experience levels. Clean with a swab and/or liquid dunk. (Alcohol)

Use a spinner cap or bubble cap.

– 25mm outside diameter.

– 45mm depth.

– Beveled edge.

– Comes in 14/10mm male, 90 and 45 degree angles.

– Comes with a pair of 5mm ruby pearls.

– High quality sturdy weld between the stem and bucket.

58.99 $ CAD

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