Death Bubba Infused Pre-Rolls – By: Dymond

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 2.40%

Death Bubba Infused Pre Rolls are a high THC indica dominant award winning strain. A deadly combination of premium flower & potent THCA Terp Diamonds. Enjoy the tasty fuel flavour, dank gassy undertones and pungent earthy aromas. Followed by a strong head high with a relaxed body feel from these heavy-hitting pre-rolls, known to get the job done. Our quality processes ensure a unique smoking experience, crafted to the highest standard. Each pack contains 3 high-potency 0.5 gram infused Indica joints, great to enjoy in the evening.

Format : 0.5G X 3

Medical allotment deduction: 6G

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THC: 44.07%

CBD: <1%