Glob Mops Slurper Mops Cotton Swabs Extra Absorben 200 pieces

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Experience a clean and hassle-free dab with Glob Mops Slurper Mops! Designed by JP Toro for Toro Glass, these bendable cotton mops are extra absorbent and made to fit perfectly into any slurper quartz banger or any new style quartz banger. With the added length, these mops will curve down the neck of your nail, ensuring no residue is left behind for a sparkling clean surface for your next session. Comes in a pack of 200 for your convenience.

Glob Mop Features:

Double-Ended Cotton Cleaning Swab

2 Differently Shaped Tips

Extra Absorbent

200 Swabs per Package

Made in the USA by Glob Mops

What’s in the Box:

200x - Glob Mops Slurper Mops Cotton Swabs Extra Absorbent

17.99 $ CAD