Cosmic Funk / Space Cake – By: North 40 (Red Barn)

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Dominance: Sativa Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 3.03%

(Forum GSC x Snow Lotus)

Looking for an out of this world flower? Space Cake is here for lift off! An amazing mix of Forum cut GSC and the ultra frosty Snow Lotus, Space Cake has built a cult following for its extremely cerebral effect and its unique flavorful flowers. Slender cone shaped buds show off how different sativa can look and feel. Space Cake delivers stellar flavors of sweet and spicy tropical fruit blended with light thin mint cookie vibes to finish. Blast off with Red Barn Space Cake!

Gord’s Note:
” When you open up your package, expect to be greeted by a spicy yet sweet aroma with the faint undertone of minty cookies which is evidence of its genetic heritage. Flowering for over 10 weeks in Living Soil, this flower will satisfy the equatorial lover as a great daytime offering.”

Format : 14G

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136.00 $ CAD

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THC: 29.61%

CBD: <1%