CBG – Coconut & Vanilla 10:10:10 – By: jublee

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Dominance: CBD, CBG, THC


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Dates, Dried coconut, Sunflower butter (roasted sunflower seeds), Organic coconut flour, Potato starch, Coconut oil, Natural vanilla extract, Sea salt, Vitamine E, Cannabis extract.

Gluten free, allergen free, no sugar added and vegan fruit bites.

An irresistibly soft and sweet bite, meticulously crafted for life’s vibrant moments. Infused with a touch of uplifting energy, this formula is a beacon of well-being. Harnessing the power of CBG, it enhances the perception energy and contentment, all while maintaining a harmonious balance.

Visual Appeal:

Rectangular, fluffy and malleable


The fragrance of coconut takes us to tropical horizons. We then perceive a sweet aroma of vanilla. On the palate, the crumbly sensation gives way to an indulgent pastry flavor.

Flavor Profile:

Coconut and vanillin aroma.


Relaxing – Soothing – Euphoric.

Format : 2 units

Medical allotment deduction: 2.67G

9.69 $ CAD

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THC: 10mg

CBD: 10mg+10mg CBG