CBDEase+ Curcumin Softgels 30x10mg- By: Emprise

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The Emprise team has extensive experience in the formulation and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, is focused on the development of innovative products and is dedicated to enriching the lives of its customers. Many Emprise products are created using nanoemulsion tech which creates fast-acting edibles and oils. Due to the nanoemulsion tech, consumers may experience an early on and offset with Emprise products.

If you are interested in coordinating your cannabis use to your body’s direct biological needs for your endocannabinoid system, take the Emprise DNA Test. This product and process help you create a customized medical cannabis program based on your Endocannabinoid System and its deficiencies. Want to learn more? Reach out to our experienced customer service team for more information.

Their team is currently applying that experience to the production of cannabis-infused products including softgels and vape cartridges, as well as their proprietary water-soluble nano-emulsion oils and sprays. Emprise is making large strides in research and development as they pioneer new processes for cannabis products.

DISCLAIMER: The DNA Generic Testing Kit is an educational tool from iNaturally Organic Inc. designed to help personalize your cannabis journey. Any recommendations therein will relate only to Emprise products. This kit is not a substitute for medical treatment and results and proposed actions should be confirmed by your healthcare provider before taking any proposed action.

Emprise’s CBDEase + Curcumin is a CBD-dominant formulation. Each softgel delivers 10 mg CBD in a discrete dosage form. It also contains 50 mg curcumin-95 which is a powerful anti-oxidant. It is manufactured with concentrated CBD distillate and coconut-derived MCT oil.

Each bottle contains 30 softgels (300 mg total CBD and 1,500 mg curcumin-95).

Format : 30/Caps

Medical allotment deduction: 0.14G

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