CBD Runtz Pre Rolls (5x 0.6g) – By: Orchid

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Dominance: CBD, THC

Total Terpenes : 2.2%

Orchid’s CBD Runtz pre-rolls are produced with nothing but hang dried, slow cured, whole buds which have been consistently ground, and wrapped in premium RAW organic hemp cones. Enjoy five 0.5g pre-rolls packaged in eco-friendly tin tubes. CBD Runtz is a sativa hybrid strain. Its lush green, high-quality buds are generously covered in light orange pistils and resinous, surprisingly sticky trichomes. CBD Runtz contains a deliciously sweet, floral aroma and wonderfully diverse terpene profile that is full of myrcene, limonene, and much more.

Format : 0.6G x 5

22.99 $ CAD


THC: 9.1%

CBD: 11.8%