Cactus Breath Vape Cart – By: Natural History

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

Although the flavour produced by Cactus Breath is enough to leave a mark in your mouth, the name stems from its powerhouse lineage of Cactus bred by Canadian breeder Jordan of the Island, crossed to legendary Michigan breeder Thug Pug’s Mendo Breath. The aromas range from sour lime to pine. Cactus Breath is fully cultivated indoors, in precision-controlled laboratory conditions. Before being extracted, all Natural History cannabis is thoughtfully hung to dry and cured for 21-30 days. Compatible with 510 thread devices. Device not included.

550 mg/g + 15-20% terpenes + 5% rare ca nnabinoids (75-80% canna + terpenes) [50%-65%]

Format : 0.5/g

Medical allotment deduction: 2G

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THC: 55-60%

CBD: <1%