BC Organic Peanut Butter Souffle – By: Coast Mountain Cannabis

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

Packaged on August 23rd 2023

These beautiful lime green plants happily grow in our organic living soil and are individually cared for by hand. Upon hanging, the dry rooms are filled with a sweet nutty aroma. Full, dense buds grind fully with earthy chocolate overtones experienced on inhale that accented by spicy cookies upon exhale.

Coast Mountain Cannabis is one of very few certified organic LP’s in Canada. In addition to being organic, we grow limited quantities of unique strains that are cultivated in living soil that is rich with micro-organisms and nutrients. Our cannabis is hang-dried and cold cured for up to 2 weeks before being carefully hand-trimmed. Finally, we package in glass jars to both preserve quality and to avoid the use of plastic in our packaging.


Price per gram: $12.00

41.95 $ CAD


THC: 22.6%

CBD: <1%