Banana Gum Live Rosin « Crème Brûlée » – By: Sauce

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Dominance: Sativa Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 4.37%

Banana Gum Live Rosin Crm Brlé. Tasting just as it’s named; banana flavour that sticks to your mouth like melted candy and leaves you with a sweet aftertaste. This batch of Live Rosin Crm Brlé was crafted with premium fresh frozen cannabis flower and strictly solventless extraction techniques – bringing out the more delicate “live” terpenes and tastes. With our new consistency, you won’t have to worry about your extracts drying out. Crm Brlé is a proprietary creation from Sauce Rosin Labs that involves solventless THCa diamonds in a precision cold cure badder coated in a rich terpene sauce. To increase complexity in our flavour profile, we have chosen to use ice water hash with a micron range of 73μ-159μ. Live Rosin Crm Brle is a potent representation of all the efforts of the breeder, grower and hashmakers that go into a product. Sauce Rosin Labs is all about channeling these efforts into a premium solvent-less extract that can be enjoyed by anyone. This product can be vaporized in a dab format, between 490°F to 520°F, for ultimate enjoyment. Please store in fridge, where possible, to preserve freshness.

Format : 1g

Medical allotment deduction: 4G

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THC: 73.50%

CBD: <1%