Animal Style Cold Cure Live Rosin – By: Brindle Farms

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Dominance: Indica Hybrid

Total Terpenes : 8.89%

“Bred by Swamp Boys Genetics, Animal Style is a cross between Animal Cookies and GMO x (Tk x Skunk), with the latter being the male. Our chosen phenotype is GMO dominant, yielding a very potent, terpene rich flower that is very rich in resin. Unique garlic and savory flavor is the hallmark of this strain, embodied by a spicy pungent aftertaste that sticks to your tongue following exhale. This strains flavour profile is a classic representation of the Chemdog line that led to GMO. The Animal Style was selected by Brindle Farms due to the notably high quality of resin it produces. Bulbous trichome heads with high THC content are easily extracted, and yield high percentages of a very vibrant colored resin that does not diminish in appeal through the process.

This batch of Brindle Farms’ Animal Style Live Rosin was prepared through isolating the first wash of 73u-159u bubble hash and pressing it at 165 degrees for 3 minutes in a 37 micron filter. The hash is then cured and prepared for instantaneous sale. Live Rosin of this caliber offers the cleanest, most flavourful, potent and pure experience of a given genetic profile, and the Sour Animal Live Rosin will leave you wanting to try more from Brindle Farms.

When purchasing Brindle Farms’ Animal Style Live Rosin, you can expect to receive hashish of near neon yellow colour embellished by gold hues, with a gelatinous consistency, maintaining a ‘wet’ feel due to high terpene content.”

Format : 1g

Medical allotment deduction: 4G

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THC: 76.94%

CBD: <1%