After DARK Series Frozen Peach Redebles – By: Redecan




Redecan’s Frozen Peach flavoured Redebles capture the essence of a wonderfully light and refreshing bubbly cocktail with nectar dancing across the palate. Loaded with unmistakable ripe peach flavours, Redecan’s Frozen Peach Redebles are crown shaped, sugar coated with sweet peachiness in each and every chew. Each Redebles Frozen Peach Gummy contains 2.5 mg of THC. Redecan’s Redebles Gummies are inspired by nostalgic and iconic moments best shared with company.

Format : 4 units - 2,5mg each

Medical allotment deduction: 1g

5.95 $ CAD

Coming soon


THC: 10 mg/unit

CBD: <1%