70% Dark Chocolate With Skor Bits – By: Phat420

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Skor Bits (essentially salted toffee) have always been the perfect marriage with chocolate. OMG…. just imagine…. The salty crunch of butter toffee with dark chocolate followed up by a mellow cannabis experience? Mmmmm…. No sharing here!

Just as there is a difference between an industrial cooking wine, and an $80 merlot, there is a difference between the inexpensive bulk chocolate everyone else uses and the chocolate we make on site. We use the rarest, fine flavour cocoa beans in the world. We roast them at low temperatures to ensure they don’t burn. We grind them longer than other manufacturers, resulting in a silky smooth mouth feel.

Our unique processes create a decadent, rich chocolate experience with no chalky bitterness common in most dark chocolate, and no cannabis flavour at all.

Then we pour that chocolate into a full bar for you to enjoy with your glass of wine or cup of coffee. We believe that your cannabis experience should be great from start to finish. …and it begins with a great chocolate experience infused with 10mg of THC – the most legally allowed. Eat a whole bar or part of a bar. The size of our bar makes it easy for you to control your cannabis experience.

Medical allotment deduction: 2G

5.95 $ CAD

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THC: 10mg

CBD: 0mg