50 mg x 60 CBD Softgels – By: Emprise

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Dominance: CBD

Emprise’s 3,000 mg CBD Softgels (60 x 50 mg CBD) contains 60 softgels. Each softgel has 50 mg CBD. The product is formulated with THC-Free CBD Isolate (0 – <0.5mg/sg THC) Cannabis Extract and hemp seed carrier oil which supports the Entourage effect. Specifically formulated for THC Sensitive consumers looking for high dose CBD that is THC Free.
Each bottle contains 60 softgels (Total 3,000 mg CBD). Softgels offer customers the best discrete dose format and keep cannabis oil fresh and sealed from oxidative degradation that occurs in 2pc capsules. Also provides incredible value when compared to Edibles.

Each softgels contains : 50mg CBD

Visual Appeal:

Golden Green Softgels.

Flavor Profile:

Hemp Seed Oil

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile:

3000 mg CBD capsules. Content of Each Capsule: 50 mg of CBD.


High Potency CBD Softgels.

Format : 60 units

Medical allotment deduction: 0.27G

49.99 $ CAD


THC: <1%

CBD: 3000mg Total